An SEO Guide for the Non-Techy Mompreneur

By Zakiyah Kelly

Has it been driving you crazy to figure out what it takes to get your blog posts ranked on the first page of Google? 

When you see blog posts on the first page of Google, it means they are optimized for search engines, and Google sees them as a credible source. 

Use this ebook to learn how SEO works and non-techy ways to create a strategy for your blog.

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15 pages of proven (non-technial) SEO strategies to help you craft blog posts that get ranked on Google.

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What SEO is and Why It's Better Than Social Media


How to Do Strategic Keyword Research 

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How to Write Long and Engaging Blog Posts


Proven SEO Strategies to Get Your Posts Ranked 


How Google Works

Here's what a non-techy client wants you to know

"Before I met Zakiyah, I was terrible at SEO and did not know the full extent of what it entailed. She was very detailed and transparent about everything, why it was important, and how it would help my business. She was extremely communicative and knowledgeable! The biggest thing I loved was that I went from the bottom of the third page in Google, all the way to the top of the second page for a competitive keyword. She also gave me tips on how I could easily get to the first page, and I can't wait to implement those!"

Kayla P. - Graphic Designer

Is this eBook for you?

If you've never heard about SEO or the concept of it leaves you frustrated and confused, then yes this book is for you. Implementing SEO into your online marketing strategy will allow you to generate long-term traffic to your blog. There may come a point where you need a break from social media, or start to neglect your accounts. Automation tools work for some platforms, but what if you could just walk away for a little bit and still get targeted traffic to your blog? What if you could skip a couple weeks of blogging and still get targeted traffic to your blog? If this is something you want, this book is for you.  



Will it work for you?

The information in this eBook is based on proven strategies I've used to rank multiple blog posts on Google.  

These strategies can work if you put the work in.  

This isn't an overnight hack you can implement to skyrocket your blog traffic. 

These are strategies for you to implement now so you will continue to see the results years later without having to blog or post on social media multiple times a week.  

Who am I?

Hey Mompreneur!  

I'm Zakiyah, The Multi-passionate Mompreneur™.  

I'm a business and online marketing strategists who has tried and tested various marketing strategies for different businesses in different niches, and similar businesses with different target audiences.  

I've also helped many new and seasoned Mompreneurs establish and grow their blog and business online.  

My focus is quality over quantity.  

You'll never see me discussing how to earn a million dollars or follows in a few days.  

I practice slow and intimate growth so I can nurture my audience who deeply trust and support what I do.  

If you're ready to become Googles BFF, click the button below to start your journey.